Cornish Folk Songs

A selection of songs that Brian placed on his website.

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You can find the words for several of these songs HERE on Brycchan Carey's website.

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As a Camborne man, Brian's top song had to be....

(Going up) Camborne Hill (comin' down )

a song celebrating Richard Trevithick's steam locomotive

Hail to the Homeland

Dobles Wall

Fish & Tin & Copper

The Skippers of St Ives

Picture "A Fishwife,1903"Picture "S t Ives"

The White Rose

St Day Carol

The Bowler Hat


The Floral Dance

Picture "Floral Dance, 1901"

Little Eyes

Tom Bawcock's Eve (Starry Gazey Pie)

Pictures: Mousehole 1892 & 1992

The Carol Choir

Truro Agricultural Show

Picture "Truro Cathedral"


Cornwall For Ever

The Donkey Chase

The Oggy Man


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